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Borg warner k03 specs

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Borg warner k03 specs. 0T, Volkswagen CC 2. 0T FSI Turbo to Downpipe Gasket. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Amazon. Orders ship Monday-Friday, usually within 24 hours of purchase. P65Warnings. pressure). BV43-139. : ++1828 684 40 00 Fax: Tel. Airwerks™ K03-2080 Peak Horsepower Turbochargers by BorgWarner®. This includes the following model motors: VW MK4 Golf 1. 0T, Volkswagen Jetta VI 2. borgwarner. Remove the coolant banjo bolt completely, removing the old stuck washer from the. With this direct replacement you'll not have to worry about losing boost due to the weak designed actuator. We provide various aftermarket forced induction system parts at Evasive Motorsports. 0T FSI engines. BorgWarner Turbo Systems Aftermarket is pleased to announce the release of AirWerks® SX-E super core assemblies* for performance applications. That makes my hybrid really weird, since that means my compressor is 12-13mm Product Details. 6: Borg Warner KP39 low inertia turbo I3 1. S2E Replacement Turbos for Cummins B Series Engines. Borg Warner K03 CHRA Cartridge 53037100565. Nov 14, 2019 · We are pleased to announce the extension of our product offering by launching 7 new BorgWarner Turbochargers for passenger Car applications. [4] The company is one of the 25 largest automotive The APR K04 Turbocharger System is a drop in turbo upgrade that dramatically increases power. Jan 5, 2012 · Fuel-Efficient, Powerful EcoBoost® Engines Drive Significant Growth in F-150 Sales Auburn Hills, Michigan, January 5, 2012– Two BorgWarner turbochargers boost the fuel-efficient Ford 3. Replaces the following part numbers; 150105-00344 150105-00344C Dec 8, 2022 · Weaker engine – Borg Warner K03 turbo. K04-020 - Standard fit on the TT/S3 FrankenTurbo F4h-l - hybrid, see 'zine thread. By bottoming out the stroke, the diaphragm can be distressed over the course of time. S475 AKA 75/88 AKA 75-88 100/96 100-96. 772". feed) Turbo1302-003-751 1302-003-752 1302-003-753 1302-003-754 NEW OEM BorgWarner K03 Turbo Audi A4 A6 S4 S6 2. Compressor wheel major diameter is 1. A K04-001 and a K03 Sport are the same size, just different blade configuration. 17 kg/s (KKK's own numbers at the table you provided and from the map above). 2002 Mini Cooper / 2004 Honda Element. For the Ford FG and FG X Falcon, however, peak boost pressure was 0. 9 bar (13. The remaining 5 digits of the part number are specific to the turbocharger model. * 5303-970-0007 K03 Mercedes-Benz Vito 110D/V Class Car CHRA Repair Kit - Heatshield 5303-710-0503 K03 5303-165-2000 20-K1 CW OE Code TW OE code BP OE Code 5303-123-2011 22-990 5303-120-5025 5304-151-5703 23-105 BH OE Code ND Actuat Calibration1 1. 0T, Volkswagen EOS 2. Turbine wheel major diameter is 1. 8T, Audi B6 A4 1. Car Care and Maintenance. Add to cart. Exact same part sold at the dealership. the use of a “latest generation” turbine wheel helps increase the efficiency of the turbocharger This BorgWarner Borg Warner Airwerks Turbocharger SX K03 MINI Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade K03-2074 - 41mm (Mfg#5303 988 0146) fits MINI Cooper S, MINI John Cooper Work, MINI John Cooper Work Clubman, MINI John Cooper Works, MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, MINI John Cooper Works WC50, MINI S, MINI S ALL4, MINI S Clubman. - Turbine inducer 52mm/ exducer 44mm 7 blade mix flow. 0T, Audi A3 8P Quattro 2. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. 05 psi Borg Warner originally offered the S300G back 15 years ago, part number 174430, however this is 2018's update using SX-E compressor wheel and 360 degree bearing structure. MSRP: $1,684. All our rebuilt turbos come with new bearings, new seals and new internal gaskets, as well as a new bearing housing. $895. Turbine Specs: The bearing housings are not water cooled and have a 1/4" NPT oil inlet. The SX-E Series. 468". The BorgWarner (3K) K04-001 is designed for transverse mounted 1. This brand new Borg Warner K04 Turbocharger offers more volume than the standard K03 and can sustain a higher boost pressure as well. Deutsch Español Français Italiano Pусский Türkçe Polskie. 5-liter V6 EcoBoost direct injection engine, which powers the 2012 Ford F-150 pickup. 034-145-2001. Associated Parts. 0T. $300. The products are the same that BorgWarner supplies to the engine manufacturer as Borg Warner Turbocharger SX K03 - Audi/Volkswagen 2. Multiply that by 60 seconds per minute = 10. 6L : 2011 - 2016 Borg Warner Turbocharger SX K03 - Mini Cooper S EP6 HP Replacement. All of this leads leading to increased life for your turbo! Jul 18, 2003 · Ok got the K03-016 from the S4 apart. This is an exact, direct fit OEM replacement turbo. I have not seen a pics of the size of the turbo inlets or outlets. Replacement Turbos for GM Series 6. gov. What does this mean over the old S300G? It means that it spools faster, makes more airflow, and holds up better to long term abuse. According to Ford, maximum turbocharger speed was 200,000 rpm and it was ‘designed for a lifecycle of more than 200,000 Dec 7, 2023 · From smaller 52mm, mid-frame turbos excellent for quick spooling and low-end torque to larger 80 and even 90mm wheels, capable of sustaining high horsepower builds—there's a perfect AirWerks turbo for your application. EFR turbochargers cover a wide range of power ratings ranging from 225 HP all the way up to 1,100 HP per each turbo and is an excellent choice when it comes to boosting your application using OE grade materials and manufacturing processes. MSRP: $1,267. K03 and K04 are honestly somewhat loose terms in common use, but they generally refer to types of turbos made by Borg Warner. Compressor Specs: V6: Dual Borg Warner K03 low inertia integrated turbo system I4 2. 0T FSI turbo this factory replacement turbo. Jun 12, 2013 · Auburn Hills, Michigan, June 12, 2013 – BorgWarner supplies its leading turbocharging technology for Hyundai’s new 1. borgwarnerboosted. BorgWarner turbochargers, VCT phasers and engine timing systems help boost performance and efficiency for Ford’s second-generation EcoBoost® 3. 0T FSI Turbo Exhaust Manifold to Head Gasket. If you find your self looking to run more boost. We do not research by customer name, only invoice # or RA #. These MINI Cooper S Turbo upgrades are hybrids with larger compressors based on the K03 Turbo with emphasis on 'Quick Spool' for faster response. With proper hardware support, the K04's performance figures can even be taken up to 350 bhp but the safe limits for the KO4 sits around 220hp. Looks just about identical sizing on the wheels. B&W K03 AUDI BB7. The seller is sure his turbos are standard Borg K04's and has sent me pictures of the Borg tag on the compressor housing. Box 15075 Asheville, NC 28813/USA Tel. Wastegate Selection Guide. This BorgWarner K03 Turbocharger With ECS Installation Kit (Mfg#058145703JKT) fits Audi B5 A4 1. For the AXX, BWA, BPY and CAWB engines which produced peak power of 147 kW, a BorgWarner K03 turbocharger provided peak boost pressure of 0. Specification. com K31 Replacement Turbos Features & Benefits Product Service Commitment – solid support starts See More Specifications | Check the Fit. Win-Win-Win. Overview. Transient response is lightning fast with minimal lag. 237". V6. If a dependable workhorse turbo is what you need, the AirWerks series is an excellent choice. 5 Liter Engines. Ask a question. SKU 53039880163 Categories Passenger Cars, Turbochargers Brand: Borgwarner. 0T, Volkswagen Jetta V 2. A direct bolt-on upgrade from Borg Warner, the Borg Warner Airwerks Turbocharger SX K03 MINI Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade K03 2074 with a 41mm compressor wheel. Available in the U. Turbine wheel minor diameter (exducer) is 1. BorgWarner S400 Replacement Turbos for Cummins M11 Engines. 8T Engine Forum 1,265. The K-04 has a larger compressor impeller and housing. Specifications: The primary difference between the Frankenturbo and K04 is with the compressor wheel. Item# turbo-parts-chra-borg-TP-53037100565. 8T, Volkswagen Jetta IV GLI, Volkswagen New Beetle 1. This turbo offers performance upgrade for both Cooper S and JCW models. In some cases, you may see a 6-digit part number that begins with a 1, and then has an “R” at the end. ES#3383. 0t stock exhaust manifold. Similar in specifications to the K03s fitted to Golf/A3' K04-015 - Not standard fit, Borg Warner turbo designed to be a direct replacement upgrade for the longitudinal 1. 2 kg per minute @ PR = 2, < 55% effciency, ~180k RPM. Remanufactured Borg Warner Turbocharger K03 Left Side. The K-03 and K-04 turbines are the same size, the turbine shaft is the same size also. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. Borg Warner Turbocharger SX K03 - Audi/Volkswagen 2. To be used for VW and Audi # 06F145701H, 06H-145-701-H, 06F145701HX, 06H-145-701-HX. Trim size – 64 trim. SKU: 53039880106. Also include the heat resistant plate with MINI installs on the new oil pipe for protection from heat. 0mm Act OE Code Vnt OE code BorgWarner Inc. EFR Series Trifold Brochure. Specs. In stock. 5. Airwerks Trifold Brochure. Each turbocharger comes equipped with: Gamma-Ti ultra-lightweight turbine wheel. › See more product details. With this upgrade and accompanying software, expect power similar to a heavily tuned Golf R, S3, TT-S, and other high end vehicles, as the K04 comes standard on those vehicles. 0T, Audi TT MKII FWD 2. Report an issue with this product or seller. This is a great replacement if your K03 has failed. Policies. $1,22331. EFR Feature Package. If you feel that it’s time to equip your vehicle with an engine that delivers great power while increasing fuel efficiency and decreases greenhouse emissions, then it’s time to take a look at the Borg Warner K03 Ecoboost. Peugeot EP6DT 207 308 C4 1. $ 95. Item (s) left: 0. O. The K04-020 from a TT225 is 7-8mm larger than the K03 Sport. Borg Warner is the original manufacturer of the stock K03 Turbo found on 2. These new part numbers are purpose engineered for both diesel and gasoline high performance applications and are available in S400 frame sizes. Very streetable with increased boost over stock. Configuration. $1,386. 2016 Focus RS. K04 Offers Much Better Performance. Here's a pic to put the K03 to shame featuring my mouse, the compressor wheel, and a Borg Warner SKU: KIT-523510 VW Turbocharger Kit - Borg Warner 06J145713T Beetle, CC, Eos, GTI, Jetta, & more K03 - CCTA Engine Only Save for later 2 Ratings Turbocharger, KKK K04-015. Borg Warner Turbocharger K03 | 53039880659. 8 billion, while employing around 52,000 people. Reviews (0) We have rebuilt Genuine BorgWarner K03 and IHI JH5 turbos available for all Volkswagen/Audi 2. May 22, 2018 · Buy BorgWarner 53039880146 Turbocharger (SX K03 Mini Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade), 1 Pack: Turbocharger - Amazon. BorgWarner AirWerks Series Turbochargers 171702 BWW-171702. IHI JH5 AUDI B8/8. 5: Continental RAAX low-inertia turbocharger: Fuel system: Gasoline direct injection or dual injection BorgWarner Part # 53039880105. #1. Cross Reference and Application List: IAM Part Number. A K04-001 has a larger impeller than the K03, by about 5mm. Vehicle Manuf. Interchangeable Number: 5303 998 0505, 5303-998-0505, 53039700154, 5303 970 0154 5303-988-0053. com: BorgWarner 53039880146 Turbocharger (SX K03 Mini Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade), 1 Pack : Automotive Select a canister that will allow nearly full stroke. September 9, 2020. 4L Turbo Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Borg Warner Turbocharger K03 | 53039880163. 6: Borg Warner KP39 low inertia turbo Reply Like 08-26-2011, 03:42 PM Jan 3, 2017 · B&W K03 and IHI JH5 are totally different turbo's. This item is low in stock. Brand: Borg Warner. 2. $100. 0L Twin Turbo Nano specifications for the engine built by Ford. May 24, 2023 · K03 QUICK SPOOL TURBO UPGRADES Although the factory turbo does a splendid job of forced induction for the Cooper S, there IS room for improvement. This BorgWarner K03 Turbocharger (Mfg#06F145701H) fits Audi A3 8P FWD 2. Product Details. The stock wastegate actuator from Borg-Warner begins to leaks boost around 5-8psi. Fits the following: Part Number: 53039980505. 0T, Audi TT MKII Quattro 2. Jan 27, 2013 · Borg Warner K03. Borg Warner Turbocharger SX K03 - Mini Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade. 3. Note 5: EFR turbo assemblies come standard with the “Medium Boost” WG canisters. Direct bolt on installation requires no modification to the charge, intake, or exhaust plumbing. Another variation in the K03 family reads as follows:-. K03/K04 Repair Parts & Service Kits All parts are available for purchase as individual components or in the following popular Repair Kits Melett Qty Minor Kit Minor Kit Major Kit Major Kit Key Part Description Part Number Per (Twin Feed) (Sing. Note 4: The “use with up to” pressures avoid long-term wear. IAM-Teilenummer. Jan 28, 2009 · K03-052 180 hp, 85 N actuator K03-053 150 hp, 85 N actuator K03-058 150 hp/180 hp, 85 N actuator Consequentially, putting a 180 hp turbo on a 150 hp engine will not bring about any change in performance, but putting on a K03-052/053/058 instead of the older versions will bring a slight improvement in engine efficiency. higher exhaust gas pressure (which is a consequence of the higher boost. Fuel Type. For Additional BorgWarner Turbo Systems Information: turbos. Over 3 pcs available in stock. 21. Oct 22, 2020 · The K03 maxes out at around 0. EFR Turbo Technical Brief. K04-20. Exducer – 50. Dec 21, 2012 · K03-073 - Standard fit on B6 190 model. MPN: 53039880146. MPN: 53039880105. While Mitsubishi does produce turbochargers for the OEM, they should not be considered to be as large as Garrett and Borg Warner…. Jun 28, 2017 · Photo. Sep 10, 2015 · This item: Borg Warner 53039880146 Turbocharger (K03) $ 91. 0T engines. BRAND NEW GENUINE BORGWARNER TURBOCHARGER. (Not compatible with downpipe, charge pipe, or intake from a K03 powered turbo car) Nov 9, 1999 · S4 / RS4 (B5 Platform) Discussion - KKK K03 Turbo specifications? - Does anyone have specs on the K03 turbo? I'm wondering what it's recomended boost range is, etc. Jun 6, 2022 · New Turbochargers for BMW, Porsche, Volvo and VW. Combustion Type. Jan 10, 2009 · Borg Warner K Series is very straight forward, K03 refers to the turbine wheel, K04 is obviously larger. Forced Induction (Twin Turbo) Mar 16, 2011 · Yes, this is a new engine (EA888) and turbo applications form the previous-generation A4, as well as transverse mounted cars like A3, won't work. As of 2022, the company maintains production facilities and sites at 92 locations in 24 countries, [1] and generates revenues of US$15. EFR Quick Reference Guide. 75. 2011~ Prince BMW N13 F20 F30 116i, 118i Aug 26, 2011 · I4 2. 00. : ++1828 684 4114 South America Av Fioravante Piovani, 2500 Bairro da May 14, 2004 · K03-044 150 hp, 65 N actuator. More details. 2005 Mini Cooper S JCW. When it comes to OEM turbo manufacturing Borg Warner and Garrett are the two names you will hear thrown around. 3 inducer/exducer. Nov 5, 2003 · Technical (VW & Audi) 1. 0 TFSI along Engine 53039700106. On backorder - usually ships within 2 to 3 business days. 8T VW MK4 Jetta 1. The oil drain is your standard S400 located here Borg Warner Turbocharger K03 | 53039880738. Stock replacement K03-29 Borg Warner (OEM supplier to VW/Audi) Turbo for all 2000-2005 VW Passat and Audi A4 1. Compressor wheel minor diameter 1. BorgWarner K03 | Iveco F5C 3. K04 turbocharger part numbers may read as follows:-. This unit can be used without any special programming, although specific K04 programming is recommended to extract all potential power from the unit. 0: Borg Warner K03 low inertia integrated turbo system I4 1. BorgWarner K03 Turbocharger. 9 bar (13 psi). Brand. Learn more. 4. for the Veloster Turbo passenger car, the turbocharged engine features a maximum output of 150 kW (204 HP), an increase of 46 percent Apr 27, 2021 · One of the most common questions i have been asked over the years is "which turbo is the best to use?" and secondly "which turbo would you personally use if Borg-Warner Trophy® and $440,000 Rolling Jackpot Awarded to 2024 Indianapolis 500 Winner Josef Newgarden Josef Newgarden captures back-to-back Indy 500 victories, earning $440,000 rolling jackpot Newgarden passed Pato O’Ward on the final lap to cross the yard of bricks to win by 0. $1,347. 0 TFSI Replacement. Epman TRZDP04AA 10 Pair/Lot Turbo Gaskets T3 T4 Turbine Oil Drain Gaskets for for T3 T4 T04B T04E T60. Considered the 'Best Rebuild Kit on the Market' for the K03/K04/K06 platform our rebuild kit includes a dual oil feed journal bearing for additoinal oiling to the shaft / bearing, upgraded steel 360 degree thrust bearing and step gap piston ring for better oil sealing on the hot side. Add to wishlist Add to compare. The BW K04 uses a 40/51 inducer/exducer and the FT21 uses a 42. Add to Cart. S400 Replacement Turbos for Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines. Add to Wish List. The larger wheel of the FT21 allows it to push more air, so that as rpm’s increase the FT21 is able to maintain higher boost pressure with the increasing The 2. Year(s) Vehicle Engine; 2007 - 2015: MINI Cooper Passenger Car: BMW 1. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. The K04-2283DX compressor wheel is 60x45mm ETT which is the largest compressor and the latest revision from Borg Warner. Write a review. Borg Warner Turbo . Stage 2 K03 Turbocharger by BorgWarner®. Dual ceramic ball bearings. Boost pressures for the Ford Mondeo have published by Ford. Sep 9, 2020 · Where To Find Your Borg Warner K03 Ecoboost. SKU. 5-liter engine. ca. Used CHRA's: Compressor, 42/56mm; Turbine, 44/50mm. 0 TFSI Upgrade. It should be equal to or larger than the bearing housing oil drain—and, the larger the oil drain, the better (within reason). The Garrett flows up to 11 kg/min @ PR = 2 with efficiency between 60 - 65%, ~165k RPM. 3: Honeywell Garrett Twin scroll MGT2260SZ (Mustang Ecoboost) I4 2. 0T, Volkswagen Golf VI 2. Part Number: 53039900469. * B - TYPE C - TYPE D & H - TYPE Turbo Frame Dimensions For all 7064 / 7670 / 8374 / 8474 / 9174 / 9274 / 9180 and 9280 EFR models. Turbo Speed Gauge Guidelines. Offers excellent mid-range and substantially more top end power than the K03. Remove the charge pipe. - Turbine inducer 45mm/ exducer 40mm 11 blade radial flow. North America BorgWarner Turbo Systems P. feed) Turbo1302-003-751 1302-003-752 1302-003-753 1302-003-754 ECS Part#. Power comes on quick, and stays strong through the entire powerband K03/K04 Repair Parts & Service Kits All parts are available for purchase as individual components or in the following popular Repair Kits Melett Qty Minor Kit Minor Kit Major Kit Major Kit Key Part Description Part Number Per (Twin Feed) (Sing. Jan 23, 2013 · What I would do to save costs is swap over the CHRA and compressor housing from the k04 onto the 2. www. feed) (Twin Feed) (Sing. com 35 For all 6258 / 6758 / 7163 EFR models. K03-005 Compressor Size: 36/50mm Turbine Size Performance Turbos Downloads. 0T, Volkswagen Passat B6 2. 8T motors. 1986 Buick Grand National. 0T, Volkswagen Tiguan 1, Volkswagen Tiguan 2. High-Performance Turbochargers Catalog. 90mm. 75 out of 5 stars Borg Warner Turbo Systems. Description. Search this page. Fits the following Cooper S and JCW Turbocharged models: Performance: Features: Jun 25, 2021 · If it begins with 4, it means it was remanufactured by BorgWarner themselves, in a BorgWarner facility, using OEM BorgWarner parts. The stock turbo is equivalent to a K03. Product Description. 8T, Volkswagen Jetta IV 1. Contrary to the K03 and K03s, the K04 is relatively larger and offers much better results. Borg Warner has TERMS & CONDITIONS. The 180 hp versions have an actuator with a higher opening force due to the. $9. Borg Warner and Garrett are basically the two big boys in the game. Part Number: BWA-53039880106. 49. This wastegate actuator comes with a green spring installed, which is rated for (5-10psi). The K04 turbine has dimensions of 50x44mm with an integrated heatshield allowing for high efficiency. We are pleased to announce the extension of our product offering by launching 9 new BorgWarner Turbochargers for passenger Car applications. Replaces the following part numbers; 4709314 5303-970-0493 1100hp rated 14009097006. +. Inducer – 40. is an American automotive and e-mobility supplier headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. There is a thread on another board where we are discussing the possibility that the use of XW30 oil could be causing Borg-Warner KKK04-1 and KKK04-15 turbos to fail, due to rotordynamic instability caused by thin oil. Steel Braided Turbo Oil Feed Line -4AN, Pressure Stainless Remote Turbocharger Sensor Teflon 4 AN Gauge Line Kit (36 inch) $ 99. $1,48848. For exact vehicle or parts allocations, please refer to the current BorgWarner usage lists and electronic parts catalogs. 8T, Volkswagen Passat B5 1. This is a BRAND NEW GENUINE BORGWARNER TURBOCHARGER. Image shown is an approximation. To determine if this is one of the reasons for the oil leakage, follow these steps: Check the size of the oil drain line. K03-049 150 hp (Sharan/Alhambra), 65 N actuator. Petrol. 0 TFSI had a single water-cooled turbocharger that was integrated with the exhaust manifold into a single unit. Remove the 3 manifold to turbo fixing bolts. Part Number: BWA-53039880163. 8T Audi TT 180hp BorgW New Mini Cooper S Turbocharger Borgwarner K03. Designed to provide a perfect fit for a hassle free installation, this reliable product can help you get you vehicle back Mar 18, 2004 · The K03 Sport has a larger compressor than the K03, by about 5mm. No Core Charge Req. The S3 K04 (the one we want) is a K04-064 IIRC. 8T K04-020 - Standard fit on the TT/S3 FrankenTurbo K03-005 Compressor Size: 36/50mm Turbine Size: 36/45mm Approx Power Rating: 150HP Apr 16, 2009 · Pop underneath and remove the heatshield blanket on the lower part of the charge pipe (hopefully the coolant will have finished draining). 00 $. REMAN S410 Turbos for Mercedes MBE4000. This BorgWarner K03 Turbocharger (Mfg#06J145713K ) fits Audi 8U Q3, Audi A3 8P FWD 2. block. com. Borg Warner’s highly efficient turbocharging technology meets the highest d Apr 12, 2024 · Vehicle Specific. Similar in specifications to the K03s fitted to Golf/A3's K04-015 - Not standard fit, Borg Warner turbo designed to be a direct replacement upgrade for the longitudinal 1. Best performance gains noticed when accompanied with ECU upgrade. Availability: Usually ships the next business day. 6T w/ Borg Warner K03 K04 Turbo Oil Water Line kit. aftermarket. The BorgWarner (3K) K04-015 is designed for longitudinally mounted 1. The 2. Replace your bad 2. 0T, Volkswagen Golf V 2. Apr 12, 2021 · When it comes to the turbine housing, you have two options: Volute Open Flow (VOF) and Volute Twin Scroll Flow (VTF). 18. This page lists the EcoBoost 3. The K04 is a slightly larger turbo BorgWarner Borg Warner Turbocharger K03 | 53039880121. 33 Bar = 1. BorgWarner Part # 53039880146. Oct 29, 2019 · Excessive blow-by. “The inner diameter of the pipe should not be smaller than the drain hole Aug 4, 2015 · Here are some benefits of each kit: Full Race Borg-Warner EFR Kits: Integrated BPV; Big internal waste gate; Quickest spooling, high flowing; A little less compressor efficiency compared to the Garrett GTX; Price includes downpipe, charge pipes, and intake. 0-litre EcoBoost engine had a Borg Warner K03 low-inertia turbocharger. $ 920. 6/56. $1,014. S. 8t through 2005. Brand: Aug 18, 2015 · Borg Warner 53039880105 Turbocharger (K03) Brand: TSI. Dual Borg Warner K03 low inertia integrated turbo system. 21" OD Flat Outlet V Band compressor housing with port shroud map width enhancement. Links. The shafts on these turbos are supported by a pressurized oil film inside a sleeve, and the theory is that XW30 . K03-045 156 hp (Ibiza Cupra), 85 N actuator with 2 ports. Replaces the following part numbers; 0375N7 170-070-2410 Jun 21, 2002 · Sep 4, 2002. International shipping subect to VAT and/or other import tax calculated during checkout. 761". S472 AKA 72/82 AKA 72-82 SX-E. Weight: 20lbs. Compressor Specs: - Borg Warner 5" Inlet 4. 8T. Borg Warner K03-2074 JCW Mini Upgrade. Quantity. Direct fit, bolt in turbo upgrade for the K03 as featured on the A4 and Passat 1. 76. 80. K31 Replacement Turbos for Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines. 6-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine. Condition: D&W Borg Warner Installation Kit 172-784-0355. 3417 secondsBorgWarner’s ES#4159344. 1995 Turbo Mustang. Subscribe today to keep up with everything Industrial Injection! BorgWarner K03-2080 TurboBorgWarner K03-2080 Key Turbo FeaturesHigh temperature alloy turbine housingExtended Tip Compressor WheelTwin scroll turbine housingWater cooled Nov 12, 2013 · Here's how the dimensions vary: My K04's: Compressor, 40/51mm; Turbine, 42/49mm. / Request Price Match. 1000hp rated 171702. CUSTOMER SERVICE; Articles; This kits replaces the is used to install a new Borg Warner Airwerks Turbocharger SX K03 Mini Cooper S EP6 HP Upgrade - 41mm with all the needed installation hardware. Includes: Seal-Turbo to Manifold (11657557013) Details. 0T, Audi TT MKII FWD, Volkswagen EOS 2. 6T with Borg Warner K03, K04 Turbo 53039700104, 53039700120, 53039700121, 53039880104, 53039880120, 53039880121, 53039880117, 53039700117. The products are the same that BorgWarner supplies to the engine manufacturer as Original Equipment. the electrical recirculation valve, which is also integrated into the compressor casing, guarantees fast response times when closing the throttle valve. All of these variants are the same part number which would be listed on our catalogue page as 5303-970-0053. This tech tip focuses on the benefits of VTF, or twin scroll turbo housing. Customer Reviews. This variant would be listed on our catalogue page as 5303-970-0139. The BorgWarner tech team regularly fields questions about the differences between VOF and VTF as well as if single and twin designs can be crossed. Undo the jubilee clip. 8T VW Beetle 1. This BorgWarner K03 Sport Turbocharger (Mfg#06A145713D) fits Audi TT MKI 180HP, Volkswagen 337/20AE, Volkswagen Golf IV 1. Store. Single Quantity. - Compressor inducer 41mm / exducer 54mm 6+6 Cast blade. 0T, Volkswagen Jetta VI GLI, Volkswagen Passat B6 2. We carry blow off valves, intercoolers, turbo hoses, and more. Application: 2005~ Peugeot EP6DT 207 / 207RC / 308 / C4 / CITROEN 1. Jan 26, 2010 · K03-073 - Standard fit on B6 190 model. kj eq lk sp zd bn wj ox mg vk

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